Consuming My Mind

What is consuming your mind? Your thoughts? Taking up space in your head?

Recently, I had a long stretch (well….a few months) of not feeling super motivated to write. Not motivated to eat healthy. Not motivated to exercise regularly. And, not really inspired to set new goals.

Luckily, I pulled myself out of that slump and am back at those healthy habits that fuel my drive to be the best version of me.

So, naturally, I wanted to figure out what it was that helped get me out of that funk. And, although I know that part of it is just a normal roller coaster of life, I think that the other REALLY big part is what thoughts I’m allowing to flood my brain. By this, I mean what TV/Netflix/Movies I choose to watch, what I listen to in the car, what I read, and what I browse on social media.

I’m always looking for shows to help the time fly by on the treadmill and books to occupy my mind on the commute to and from work. Without thinking too much about what I was choosing, I was hooked on Shameless for a while as my Netflix go-to. If you’ve never seen it, it’s kind of like a car wreck that you just can’t look away from. It follows a dysfunctional, inner city family that is really, really rough. Like, reeeeeeally rough. The show made me feel like I was winning at life because no matter how much I was messing up, I was still doing waaaaay better than those people.

And for books, I was stuck on the author John Green. He writes young adult novels, and although I really did enjoy most of them, again, they didn’t leave me feeling inspired to change the world.

Well, at one point I ran out of audio books from the library and stumbled upon a running podcast that I really enjoyed listening to in the car. The host interviews different athletes (not all runners) and they chat about life, goals, accomplishments, challenges, and more. They also discuss book recommendations and talk about some really inspiring people.

All of that podcast listening motivated me to search for some documentaries to watch during my treadmill runs. And, ever since, I’ve been hooked on reading (and listening to) all of the books and watching all of the inspiring documentaries that I can get my hands on!

And that’s how I realized a couple of weeks ago that what I put in my head completely affects my daily thinking and habits. For real. All of the athletes that I’m listening to make me want to be a better human. They make me realize that I’m not dreaming big enough, and that it’s okay to fail, but you better get back up and try again. That you need to take risks! And, one of the most powerful themes that keeps recurring is that our THOUGHTS and our character are what will make or break us.

These are the things I want to drive me. I want my thoughts to wander to a podcast where they challenge you to “define yourself” instead of thinking about if some character on a show is going to have an abortion or not. I want to hear about amazing accomplishments and risks that people have taken and be driven to ask myself if I could do that. I want to fill my thoughts with dreams so big that there’s not enough time to reach them all, but there’s definitely the inspiration to try.

So, I will continue to fill every car ride and every treadmill run with things that motivate me to work harder, be bolder, dream bigger, and live more fully. That’s what’s going to fill the space in my head. Because when those are the thoughts running through my mind, they push me to be the best version of me.

Finishing up 18 miles on a Sunday afternoon.

Never settle for less than your best.