Keeping It Real

It is truly amazing how many moms out there don’t lose their minds on a regular basis.

At my house, we are in full blown spring baseball season, and I am struggling. Big time. My little family of four currently has to be at baseball games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. We leave the house at 5:30 and don’t get home until about 9:00 pm. This is seriously rough. And to make it worse, my husband, Will, is coaching BOTH of their teams. So…there’s no slacking off with running late or not being on top of our game.

I feel like I am in a constant whirlwind where the days just roll into one another and every day looks the same. Rush to work, rush home to grab the kids off the bus, sort through backpacks, pack lunches, maybe throw in some laundry, make dinner, force feed it to everyone that’s home, sometimes manage to get the kitchen cleaned, shove everyone in the car, drive to baseball, cheer loud for a couple hours, drive home, hustle the kids off to bed, and use whatever minutes are left before I collapse into bed to pretend that I am an adult who is free to make the decisions about how I’m going to use my time each day.

It’s funny though, because the busier that I am, the more emphasis I put on making sure that I am getting some exercise in every day. Sometimes I’ve been squeezing in a two mile walk during my lunch break at work. Some days I’ve been running the 1/3 mile loop in my driveway/yard for 30 minutes between work and baseball while dinner is in the oven. Other days I’ve waited until the kids are in bed and I’ve done a late night strength workout. And sometimes, I do all three of those things on the same day.

A beautiful sky on my walk during lunch.
Running in my driveway between work and baseball.
After a late night strength workout.

Because for me, exercise is my therapy. So when I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel like I can’t even catch my breathe, I NEED to move my body. Somehow, it’s my way of defiantly declaring that I AM in charge. I DO make my own decisions. And, sometimes I just need to choose endorphins over laundry or dishes or a clean house.

Because, as the meme says:

“Today’s Modern Woman: clean house, happy children, healthy dinner on the table, fit, trim, and well groomed, works full time, laundry done and put away…. PICK ANY TWO!”


I know we all strive to achieve more than two of those things, but sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. And that’s okay. I say we should probably stick to doing the things that allow us to get through each day with a smile on our face and peace in our hearts.

Keep wearing those invisible capes!


***PS – now that you know this, please give me at least a 45 minute warning if you plan to stop over so that I can shove things in closets and make the house look presentable!