What We Carry

I’ve been somewhat addicted to a Netflix series over the last few months that is not my typical kind of show. It’s like watching a car wreck. You just stare at it and can’t look away. It’s awful and tragic and sad and shocking.

I have finally come to the realization that I envy the lack of expectations that are set for these characters. If anything, the expectation is that they are going to mess up. They ALL screw up. Constantly. And hardly anyone cares. And if they do, forgiveness is quickly granted and everyone gets on with their lives. All of their garbage is laid out for everyone to see, and yet, life goes on.

For me, and for many people, that is not the case. The expectation is that we are going to do the right thing. Make the right choice. Be the bigger person… And, every time that we succeed at that, the expectations get higher and higher. And with bigger expectations comes a bigger fear of letting people down.

This is something I need to work on.

Often, I only want people to see the good stuff. Deep down I worry that if everyone knew about all of the imperfections in my life, they would be disappointed. And I really hate disappointing people.

The truth is that we all carry stuff around that we don’t want people to see. Whether it’s addiction, debt, unfaithfulness, eating disorders, OCD, loneliness, guilt, fear… Every single one of us carries something. We are not alone with our imperfections, and we’re certainly not the only ones trying to hide them.

But here’s the deal. We can carry that stuff around and still be pretty great people. I don’t have to show you all of my junk. You just need to know that it’s there.

Instead, I can keep showing you the good stuff.

My boys and I at Lake Huron looking for Petoskey stones.
Exploring some new trails in the fresh snow. The boys complained the WHOLE time 🙂
I literally paid them both $1 to “cooperate” for this picture….
Family “run” that had more walk breaks than actual running time.
Hike with my boxer, Blu. Because sometimes I need a break from my people.

Yup. I definitely prefer sharing the good stuff.


***Sidenote: I’ve been reading the book Present Over Perfect because a couple of friends recommended it to me (thanks, girls!) and I HIGHLY recommend it!

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