Adjust Your Sails

At this very moment, this is my view.

I’m sitting in a lawn chair, in the entrance of my house, working on a blog (because the internet doesn’t work in the apartment…). I miss this house. I haven’t gotten to live in it for nearly 5 months. 

Over those months, my emotions about the situation have had many ups and downs. It’s super exciting to imagine what my home is going to look like when it’s all put back together. But it can also be extremely frustrating to live in a one room apartment and have two young boys, one tiny “kitchen”, and zero personal space…not to mention, no chance of entertaining company.

In addition to the ups and downs of my current living situation, my running motivation has been in the same boat ever since the marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still running. But it hasn’t been easy, and I just haven’t felt like telling anyone about it. It is really hard to just pick up where I left off.

And…in the world of “momming”…my kids are driving me crazy. The first 2 weeks of summer vacation were amazing. We did SO MANY fun things. 



But now, although we are still doing super fun things, they seem to be taking all of the things I’m planning for granted and are not appreciative. Gggrrrrrrr.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in dwelling on all of these little annoyances in my life. My house is a wreck, I failed at reaching a huge goal, my kids are frustrating and fight way too much…and on and on.

The other day, when my family was out on the boat, we saw a lot of sailboats. It was pretty windy and one of the sailboats looked as if it would tip over. As we went by, we saw the people aboard the boat adjusting the sails to avoid any danger. And, at that moment, it hit me. I really need to adjust my own sails.

Each day, I have a choice of how I’m going to steer my thoughts and actions. I can choose to dwell on the frustrations, or I can ignore them and keep on working towards what I want, while setting that example for my boys.

Today I’m choosing to steer this ship towards the sunshine. 

Sparkle.Pounce.Adjust Your Sails.