Why I Will Never Have a Six Pack…

Current situation: I am two and a half months into the hardest marathon training plan of my life. Goal time = 3 hours and 30 minutes with a trip to Boston in 2017. 

At least twice a week, the workout that is on my training plan literally scares me. I get nervous about it while sitting at work during the day, wondering if I’ll even be able to complete the workout at the speed and incline that is planned. So far, I HAVE been able to complete the workouts, but they push my mental and physical limits each and every time. And often include an emergency bathroom break…

One would think that this increase in frequency and intensity of my workouts would mean that I should be well on my way to a six pack by this point. I mean really, I am working my butt off! I feel like I deserve this long, sought after physical attribute! Right?!

Apparently not.

While perusing Pinterest one day last week, I came across a blog post about what I need to do if I REALLY want a six pack. Everyone says “abs are made in the kitchen”, and I can understand that, but I feel like I’ve given the diet change a fair chance and I still have not gained the beautiful ab muscles that I’m longing for. See below:

I don’t know who that girl is, but those abs are ah-mazing. 

Anyway…what this blog told me is that I have to be willing to sacrifice a few things that I am absolutely not willing to sacrifice ALL THE TIME. And, more than that, it’s just not realistic for my lifestyle. 

First, I need to completely say good-bye to “happy hour”. Ummm…no. I LOVE me a glass of wine, hard cider (preferably Blake’s Flannel Mouth), or Fat Tire on a regular basis. Totally not willing to give those up indefinitely. 

Also, I need to give up social outings with friends because they A.) will not have foods that I should eat, and B.) often lead to not getting enough sleep. And, according to this blog, I have to always eat the right foods and always get enough sleep. Heeelllllooooo, life of a working mom! Hahahaha! There’s zero chance that I can guarantee I’ll get enough sleep…ever. And, I certainly don’t plan to say no to social outings just because they won’t have the right food for me to eat! If I have to choose between time with friends or having perfect abs, I’m going with friends every time. Plus, I definitely like to indulge in unhealthy foods every so often. 

For example, last weekend I did a 14 mile run on Saturday morning. After the run I was starving, but the only thing that sounded good was Little Ceasar’s Crazy Bread. And because I had just run 14 miles, I went ahead and bought myself a bag. And I ate it. All of it. By myself. And it was delicious. 

Good-bye, dreams of a six pack. 

In the end, I guess I’m just going to come to grips with the fact that I’m a 35 year old mom who is going to look like this on my runs…

And not so much like this….

And that is okay. 

Last time I checked it wasn’t all that cool for moms to walk around in crop tops anyway 😉

Sparkle.Pounce.Be healthy.Be You.


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