Do What You Love

I really like helping people.

It’s funny, because when I look at all of the things I do on a regular basis, it’s kind of obvious. But, I feel like it’s just hitting me. I REALLY like to help people.

A few weeks ago I was feeling super, duper unmotivated about going to work. It was kind of weird because I’m a remediation teacher, and all I was doing each day was student testing. So, honestly, each day was about as easy as being a teacher can possibly be. I was pulling small groups of students, or even one at a time sometimes, to take tests in my room. No classroom management necessary. No lesson plans. Just testing.

And yet, I just really didn’t want to go. And I didn’t know why.

Now, I am finally back to pulling small groups of kids every day and I am once again not dreading work. It’s amazing. And what that lead me to realize is that even though it’s really hard, exhausting, and…hard…I love teaching kids. It’s kind of my thing. I feel like I’m really good at it and I can make a difference in their education. So, 13 years in and I’m realizing I chose the right career after all!


Then, on a totally different topic, a friend text me last week and jokingly asked if I would make her a half marathon training plan because the one she’s using was killing her. I said I would look at a few plans and get back to her.

A couple of days later I had a bit of time on my computer and I was super excited at the idea of coming up with a training plan for someone. So, I looked around at plans I trusted and liked, did some modifications, entered in suggested paces, and rewrote the plan. Then, because the plan called for two days of strength training, I even created a separate document with 18 HIIT workouts to use with her plan. All of the HIIT workouts were ones I had created for myself and a group of girls for 6 weeks of strength training that we did leading up to the beginning of official Boston qualifying training, and I knew they were pretty good, quick, home workouts. I felt so happy when I sent her that email with her training plan and the strength workouts to go with it! Partially because I love running and all things related, but mostly because it just felt really good to help someone out.

So, I’m wondering…what do you love? And are you making sure you get to do something you love every day? Because I’m thinking that is pretty important 🙂

Sparkle.Pounce.Do What You Love.


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