Hit the Refresh Button

I love the holidays. They are a fabulous time to reflect on our blessings, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate the season.

I also love when the holidays are over. No really, I do. It is an amazing time. After a couple weeks of nonstop holiday parties, company, cramming way too much into an already packed schedule, and also cramming way too much food into an already tight pair of pants…it’s time for the holidays to be over.

At my house it seems like it takes the holiday season FOREVER to be all the way over. We celebrate Christmas with multiple parties, then on December 28th it is mine and my husband’s anniversary (13 years!), then my youngest boy turns 7 on December 30th, then there’s New Years Eve. 

Too. Much. Sparkle.

Finally today, we got some down time. My in-laws, who had been in town for 2 weeks, left this morning, and we celebrated my son’s birthday last night. So, it felt like the partying was over and we just chilled out.

And by “chilled out” I mean that I got a great strength workout in this morning, and went for a trail run this afternoon.

After yesterday’s snowfall, there wasn’t a single foot print on the trails. I was all alone out there with the deer and the squirrels. I felt small in the big woods.

Feeling small can be a great feeling. It puts things into perspective. All of my holiday “stresses” were really just tiny compared to the enormity of the world’s problems. The peace and quiet of the woods always helps me remember that. And, on today’s run, the stress of the holidays finally seemed to wash off of me and I felt refreshed. 

And that’s why I love to run. No matter the situation of the day, when I head out for a run I can leave that all behind and start over. It’s not just an escape, it’s a “refresh” button. And I can always use a refresh.

Sparkle.Pounce.Hit the Refresh Button.


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