Love the Ones You’re With

Every once in a while, I am overcome with emotion over how much I love my family and friends. I always know I love them, but sometimes I REALLY feel it.

That has been the case over the last few days. 

On Friday night I had my holiday party for work. It was fun to get all fancied up and enjoy an adult evening with my coworkers (and it’s an added bonus that my husband works for the same company, so he was there too!). These are the people that I see on a daily basis, but normally we don’t get to have quite that much fun together. But, when we do, I realize just how much I love them. They are awesome people that I have been blessed to work with every day for years. (Some of them I’ve been working with for 12 YEARS!) Craziness.

It is also at this time of year, nearing my 13 year anniversary, when I am even more thankful, appreciative, and in love with my husband. 13 years is a LONG time to love somebody. And he makes it pretty easy…most of the time.

And then there are my running (and recently strength training!) girls. These girls keep me on track, are always there to send sparkle when daily life seems less than sparkly, and they inspire me to be the best version of me. 


I think it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, and to lose sight of what really makes life so great. Today, I’ve got my eye (and my heart) on that. Because as much as I love to run, it’s not the running that I look forward to most of the time, it’s the people I’m running with. Or the people I’m going to text afterward to share about my accomplishment, or text beforehand to get a little pep talk before a hard workout. 

What makes this life so great is getting to spend it with people that make my heart happy. And that’s the best part of this holiday season.

Sparkle.Pounce.Feel The Love.


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