Time To Press Play

Last week I watched a mini (11 minute) documentary on Joy Johnson. This amazing lady, passed away in her sleep at the age of 86 after running her 25th consecutive NYC marathon.

Hearing that story got me thinking that I really want to be someone with a story like that… So… I did what anyone would do and I came up with a plan. The following text ensued to my sister: 

Yeeeeessss! I have a sister who is crazy (and awesome) enough to jump on board with me for a 50 YEAR PLAN! (Technically it’s only a 48 year plan because we’ve already run them together in Michigan and Alaska…but I want a redo on Alaska…so we might as well start over…
The thing that really gets me about this whole plan is that if we really only run one marathon a year, we won’t be done until I am almost 90 years old. What?! WHAT?!?! And that’s not factoring in any type of injury or potential setbacks. This “run a marathon in every state” idea has led me to realize that time isn’t slowing down for anyone. The whole, “I want to do that someday” thing isn’t going to work anymore. Someday is now. Right. Now.

I know I can’t stop the hustle and bustle of my everyday full time teacher, full time mom, full time wife, crazy busy life. But, I can take the time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me. And, when I’m out on a run, I see that beauty more clearly than ever. 

I took this picture during my 12 mile run Saturday morning. It was ah-mazing. And I had lots of time to think about my life and the things I want to accomplish. And what I realized is that I can’t always be waiting for the next awesome adventure. Every day I need to enjoy what’s in front of me, while at the same time, working towards my bigger goals.

Time isn’t waiting for anyone. So I’m laying out my plans and pressing “play” today.

Sparkle.Pounce.Press Play.

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