That Little Voice In My Head

After work today I stopped to get in a quick run before grabbing my boys from daycare. The weather was beautiful for a fall Michigan day, and I had been looking forward to the run. 

Then, I pulled into a parking spot at the path, and suddenly I didn’t want to get out of my car. I just wanted to sit there. Actually, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just drive up the road to their school…if I left now I could make it in time before they got on the bus…

But alas, I stuck with my plan and went for a run. 

It looks pretty great, right?? Don’t be fooled. It was awful. Every mile dragged on and on. My breathing was heavy and my legs were tight. And I just wanted to be done. But, as always, once I finished I was so glad that I went. The weight of the day felt lifted from me and I was ready to transition from teacher to mom.

This inner battle happens all the time. 

Should I get up early to workout, or just go back to sleep for one more hour? Should I squeeze in that run after work, or just go get my kids? Should I hop on the treadmill when they go to bed, or fold laundry and clean the house? 

Sometimes I give in and skip the workout. But, every time that I don’t, I am gaining power over that voice in my head. Each time I push past those temptations is a little victory for me. And I sure do love a good victory!

Sparkle.Pounce.Win The Battle.


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