I Wish…

Stepping out of the usual format and giving a random list of “wishes.” I hope you can relate to some of them, and have yourself a little chuckle along the way!

I wish everyone was as excited to see me as my dog is.

I wish I didn’t stink when I sweat. And I wish I didn’t have to worry about peeing a little bit when I run really hard…

I wish people didn’t post every single one of their opinions on Facebook. 

I wish cupcakes were a “whole food” and had 0 calories and 20 grams of protein….maybe even 40 grams of protein…

I wish I could afford to run every race I wanted to run and travel all over the world to do it. (I just found an ultra marathon I want to do that costs $3200 to ENTER. WHAT?!? Why?. Just. Why.)

I wish all my friends were at the same “place” as me in life. I mean really, didn’t everyone think it was a good idea to have kids at 25?! 

I wish politics weren’t so political. (Is that even possible? I don’t even know. I just don’t want to hear about how messy they are. That’s it. I wish politics weren’t so messy.)

I wish everyone had the summers off. Seriously, the world would be a happier place.

I wish everyone believed in themselves. And, when they wanted to do something, they knew that if they just worked really, really hard, they could eventually do it. 

I wish people really, truly wanted the best for others. And, like Kid President would say, I wish everyone gave the world a reason to dance. 

I wish “being chubby” stayed cute forever.

I wish denim diapers, oh, I mean super short shorts, weren’t in style. Ever.

I wish bad things didn’t happen to good people.

And I wish we were all good people.

Sparkle.Pounce.Wish Big!


Run Together

When I see a woman running within a 5 mile radius of my house, I give her the complete stare down and mentally think that we definitely need to meet because we would surely be fantastic friends and running buddies. Please tell me that all of you do this and I’m not crazy.

On the same note, whenever I meet someone new and find out that they run, I am quite certain that they’ll want to go for a run with me. Because, who doesn’t love running with friends?!

As I was prepping for this work trip to North Carolina, I knew that I wanted to run the trails again, but I was also aware that it would be much more enjoyable and not so horror movie creepy if I wasn’t solo. My husband had mentioned a couple of the teachers that liked to run, so I emailed them prior to the trip to see if they were interested in running after work one day. I got one to bite (and she’d never been trail running before, so it was even more super duper exciting!), and we set a running date.

However, the day before my trip, she text me and said she was going to have to bail because she was feeling really overwhelmed about work. I, of course, responded with a friendly, “A nice run in the woods sounds like a perfect stress reliever to me. (insert winking face even though I wasn’t kidding at all).” She responded with a “Haha….” and some other stuff about it being so far from work and blah blah blah (just kidding, Hillary!!!). Luckily, I wasn’t having it and eventually talked her back into the run. (My husband convinced me at this point that she probably just really didn’t want to run with me and had regretted committing to it in the first place, but I honestly didn’t care. I NEEDED a running buddy!)

So, today after work we figured out traveling logistics, and met up for our 40 minute drive to the beautiful wooded trails of Lillington, North Carolina. Upon arriving, I decided to ask her what pace she normally runs. Her response: around a 6:30 mile.

Let that set in for a minute.


I actually laughed out loud, and said I didn’t run anywhere close to that and I was hoping to be around a 10 minute mile on these trails, because they’re challenging! Hahahaha! This is what I get for being so pushy! I should have just let her off the hook!

We started off at a nice easy pace and chatted nonstop. Then, about 3/4 of a mile in, a GIANT snake slithered in front of us (honestly the biggest snake I’ve ever seen besides at the zoo). I stopped and screamed like a school girl, while Hillary jumped over it and continued to run away as fast as she could. Suddenly every stick looked like a snake, and I noted that it was very useful information to know that in a scary situation, I will freeze and scream. Nice. Kendra. 

Luckily, we didn’t see anymore snakes, and Hillary even wanted to walk on some of the hills (thank God because I was dying). It ended up being a perfect 5 mile run through the woods after a long, stressful work day. The conversation flowed easily, and it was like we had known each other for years, instead of weeks. 

Most of the people I’ve ever run with have had this quality. I haven’t figured out if it’s that running makes communicating easier, or if it’s just that runners really do all share some kind of special weirdness, which makes us all get along (at least while we’re on the run…). Either way, it really does make me think that I could definitely be friends with all those women I see running around my house. Hahaha!

Lesson learned: Be as pushy as you need to be to get people to run with you. It’s totally worth it!

Sparkle.Pounce.Run Together.


Find Your Peace

I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it has been to not have to worry about fitting in my long runs this summer. It has been amazing, getting to “sleep in” nearly every day and sit around in my pj’s sipping my coffee each morning. 

And yet…it has been awful.

It’s what some might call a blessing in disguise. The disguise being a stress fracture that is taking its sweet little time healing. 

About three weeks ago, thinking that I had had plenty of time to recover, I took my feet on a beautiful ocean beach run. 

I loved every second of it. My leg, not so much. So, like any injured runner would do, I tried out another run on the beach the next morning, just to make sure I wasn’t actually all healed up and just had a bad run… Nope. It still hurt. BOO.

That meant I was back to my living room HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routines. Don’t get me wrong, they kick my butt, but, they are NOT the same as running. There is no “getting lost in thought” while doing those workouts. And there’s no “getting in a rhythm.” Nope. The entire time you pretty much feel like you’re going to die and you are out of breathe for about 20 minutes straight. Yes, these workouts make me miss running. A LOT.

And, even though I’m on summer break and having numerous adventures, I’ve definitely noticed myself being crabby lately for “no reason.” I’m fairly certain that the reason is because I haven’t been running. Running is my therapy. It’s my time to work things out in my head, or to think about nothing and just have quiet peace. It’s my recharge button after a long day of being Mom. 

So, this past weekend when I decided it was time to test the ol’ leg out again, I was super duper excited. And then I watched the movie, “McFarland USA” about a group of underdogs who work their butts off and end up winning their state Cross Country finals, and that sparked my desire to run even more. And, I’m reading a book about a kid who puts on his running shoes nearly every morning and just runs around town, or runs until he forgets about all of his worries, and I’m completely jealous. My heart wants to run like that.

This time, for my “test” run, I had a trail run planned with my Sparkle.Pounce. sister, Sarah. We met up after church for four, glorious, pain-free miles. And, just like that, I felt content. 

I know running doesn’t do this for everyone, but for me, it does. And, if it doesn’t for you, I hope you find something else that makes everything seem right with the world.

Sparkle.Pounce.Find Your Peace.