Training For Life

For the last 4 weeks, since my BQ marathon, I haven’t run at all. (I’m letting my stress fracture heal…) And although I said I was going to write down a different “training plan” to make sure I stayed on track with my fitness while taking a break from running, I haven’t done that either. 

I know, that sounds bad. But, believe me, it’s been ah-mazing. Turns out, that at least for short periods, I’m totally able to keep myself in shape without being tied down to a running training plan. And yesterday, while I was out on my mountain bike ride, I figured out why…

We’ve been really busy over the last month with lots of family commitments (the kids’ sports, end of the school year ceremonies, family visiting, family birthdays…). Fitting in 10-18 mile runs would have been really tough and stressful. But, sneaking out for unplanned mountain bike rides whenever they fit in, or doing 20 – 30 minute HIIT workouts hasn’t been hard at all. In fact, I get pretty excited when I realize I have time to squeeze something in (instead of worrying and fretting over how I’m going to make time for it). 

Initially, my fear was that if I took this approach, I would never actually feel like exercising and I would end up out of shape and miserable. So far, that hasn’t been the case. What I figured out yesterday while enjoying my challenging bike ride is that it’s important to me to stay healthy and fit so that I’m ready to do anything. Over the past few months I’ve had more than one situation where I’ve invited someone to join me on a hike, a run, or a mountain bike ride, and they’ve turned me down because they just didn’t think they could do it. Even though I insist that we can go slow and just have fun, they don’t think they are in good enough shape to do it. And, each time, there has been a sense of sadness and regret from each person.

I don’t want to have any regrets when it comes to how I take care of my body. If someone tells me I won a trip to hike the Grand Canyon, or the PCT, or the Appalachian trail or anything else, I don’t want to ever have to pause and question whether or not I could do it. I want to be ready and confident that I can do just about anything at any time. And if life throws something horrible my way, like cancer or some other terrible sickness, I want to be ready to take that on too. 

So ya see, right now I’m not following a training plan for another big race. Right now I’m training for life.

And more adventures, of course.

Sparkle.Pounce.Train For Life.


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