This Is The Day

Yesterday morning I was doing a yoga workout (Jillian Michaels on YouTube…that chick means business!) in the living room. My 4 year old son, Finn, was on the mat next to me trying to follow along (so cute). We were about 15 minutes into the workout and I was holding a difficult pose. Finn looked at me and asked why my arms were shaking. I responded that the pose was very hard to hold and my muscles were tired. In a completely serious tone he said, “Don’t hold it anymore Mom. You don’t have to listen to her.” I laughed and told him that I was going to hold it for as long as I could so that I could become stronger. He simply said, “Okay,” and that was that.

I like to think that in that moment, I taught him something. Just because something is difficult does not mean that we have to quit doing it. It is the difficult things that make us stronger. Unfortunately, I know that my kids are watching me all day long, and I’m not always setting the example for them that I want to set. I need to work on being more patient with them. I need to work on looking at them when they’re talking to me and giving them my full attention. I often wonder what they really think about me. If something happened to me today, how would they remember me ten years from now? 

“Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.” -Dr.Suess

I want to make this my new motto. If I were thinking about this more throughout my day, I’m sure that my behaviors would change. I wouldn’t hit snooze and go back to bed when my 5:30 alarm goes off for a morning run. I wouldn’t forget to send birthday cards in the mail. I wouldn’t tell my kids I was too tired to go play outside. Instead, I’d throw on a cape, pretend to be super woman, and always do what I knew was best for everyone else, not just what was easiest for me. Because I know that it is not the easy things in life that make us great. It’s the things that are the most difficult, that we do not give up on, that show who we truly are. 

Sparkle.Pounce.Be Great.


**This blog was originally published to Kendra’s personal blog “Always Wear Your Invisible Cape” in 2013

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