How To Be Awesome

I’ve been doing some observing lately, trying to get to the bottom of what really makes someone awesome. I definitely don’t have it completely figured out, but I’ve learned a few things for sure:

1. If you say you’re going to do something. Do it. 
    If you say you’re going to be somewhere. Show up.

This is a quality that makes someone awesome! We all have those friends that are habitual offenders when it comes to this. They say they’re going to be somewhere, and then the night before, or an hour before, we get a text explaining why they can’t be there. Don’t be that person. It’s not awesome. Actually, it sucks. Instead, if you make a commitment, stick to it! It’s one way to be awesome!

2. Be honest.

Social media has an amazing way of making it pretty easy to just show the good stuff in our lives. We post all of our pictures of wonderful family vacations, our new homes, our child’s first lost tooth, celebrating our first 5K… Everything is sooooo perfect! And, I admit, I definitely fall into this habit sometimes as well. But, you know what people like to see every once in a while?…that other people have struggles too. 

Last week I posted some super duper beautiful pictures of an adventure that my boys and I took to Seven Ponds Nature Center. I shared how fantastic the day was and how much we LOVED it. There were a few “likes” on my post.

Then, later that day I posted this: “Man. I love these two and all of our adventures! But…there’s a chance I just locked them outside for a second of peace and quiet. #thetruth.”  That post, admitting my struggle, got about five times as many “likes” as the first one. 

So, should you be a whiner and complainer all the time? Absolutely not! But, every once in a while it’s okay to admit that life is hard. Because, it REALLY is! 

3. Build people up.

Is everyone awesome? Nope. If they were, I wouldn’t even consider writing a blog called “How To Be Awesome”! But, I know that one thing that makes people better, is when they feel good about themselves. 

So, you can be awesome by looking for the good in people and then pointing it out to them and others. This is something that might not come easy for you, but, you can do it! 

4. Love yourself.

This is sooooo important! If you want to be awesome, you need to know that you’re awesome! Do the things that make you happy. Surround yourself with positive people. Work hard to be the best version of you. Talk about your hopes and dreams, and actively work towards them. 

Doing all of these things will make your awesome self shine through!

Sparkle.Pounce.Be Awesome.


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