Inside Force Vs. Outside Force

I was browsing Pinterest, looking for the perfect quote to inspire the perfect blog post, when I found this…

This is so so so true. 

I read this and immediately started thinking about myself. When anyone tries to tell me things that I need to improve on, I normally get a little defensive and hold on tight to what was said, taking it as criticism, even if it wasn’t meant that way. (That’s me, being broken by an outside force.)

But, if I am the one who realizes the flaw, I am much more willing to work hard to improve on it. The desire has to come from inside myself, not from someone else.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. No one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong. No one wants to hear that they have things to work on. 

However, sometimes we all need to hear it. We can be blind to habits that have changed, not realizing the effect is has on our mood, our health, our job, our friendships…whatever it may be. 

If you’re like me, after I am done sulking and being angry about any constructive criticism, I can usually see some truth in what was said. And, if I really want to make a change, I have to decide that for myself and let the desire to change come from within me. 

In the end, we must want it, work for it, and not be too proud to listen to those who offer words of advice. If it’s someone who loves you, there’s a good chance they know what they’re talking about.

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