Weight….Why Do We Care?

I’m a lucky girl, in that my weight (besides the two times my body was taken over by baby humans and stored enough extra fat to last at least two years without being fed) has not fluctuated more than 10-15 pounds since I was in high school. So…why is it that this conversation with my husband annoyed me SOOOOOOO much?!

Husband: The scale at the doctor said I weighed 10 pounds more than our scale here at home. What does it say you weigh? (Insert guess that is 10 pounds OVER my current weight.)

Me: (In complete disgust…) What?! No! I don’t weigh that much. I haven’t weighed that much since giving birth. Why would you guess that?!

Husband:  I don’t know. You’re a lot bigger than when we got married.

Me: (Flabbergasted…) Are you serious? No I’m not! What are you talking about?

Husband:  Well you are. Your arms are bigger. Your back is bigger. Your butt is WAY bigger. Your thighs are bigger. You’re just bigger.

Me: I only weigh 5 pounds more than the day we got married. I’m NOT bigger.

Husband:  Well, you’re definitely bigger. I was watching you work out earlier and you looked awesome. Your muscles are a lot bigger.

Me: So you mean I’m more muscular? Not bigger. Because bigger means fatter.

Husband:  You’re such a girl.

In retrospect, the thing that bothers me the most about that conversation is the fact that I allowed myself to get upset about it. I feel pretty good about myself, and yet, one other person’s comments left me questioning all of that. Was I really “bigger”? Was our scale really off by ten pounds? Is my butt THAT much bigger? What the heck?!

I should have been able to brush those comments off without getting annoyed…especially since it was simply a misinterpretation of what was being said. 

I am certain that the above affirmations are a much truer interpretation of how I feel about myself than the negative thoughts that rushed through my head during that conversation. And the next time I have a moment of self-doubt, I will remember that I am me. And I am pretty darn fabulous just as I am.

So…how much do I weigh?  I DON’T CARE!!! Am I bigger?! Heck ya! 

And it feels good 🙂

Sparkle.Pounce.Be Fabulous.


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