No Regrets

I’ve been following my marathon training schedule perfectly for five weeks. It includes five days of running, one day of cross training (I actually do two though), and one day off. Man, how I LOVE that one day off.

In those five weeks, it really hasn’t been that hard for me to work up the motivation to do my workouts. Having a plan written out to follow generally keeps me on track. And I did the “Winter Won’t Win 100 Mile Challenge” in January, so that helped too. But, last night I really, really didn’t feel like doing my speed workout. It was kind of haunting me all day. The plan called for 4 X 800, otherwise known as Yasso 800’s, otherwise known as 1/2 mile repeats, otherwise known as torture.

So, after I put my six year old in bed, I was having a bit of an inner struggle. To run…or to crawl into my nice, cozy bed at 8:00pm… 

And just like that, it struck me.

If I’m going to try my hardest to qualify for Boston…I’m really going to try my hardest to qualify for Boston. What if I come “this” close, but don’t make it because I skipped speed work? There are some regrets that just aren’t worth it.

So, I changed my clothes, hopped on the treadmill, ran my little heart out, and called it a night. 

And I slept well. Without a single regret.

Sparkle.Pounce.No regrets.


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