Four Things I Want to do in 2015.

Less Likes, More Hugs.
I love writing letters (says the girl that didn’t send Christmas cards this year. It was a tough December, I promise!). I usually keep a stock pile of cards around my house to send anytime the perfect occasion arises or just because I feel like someone could use a card with glitter in it.
Technology is great. I can schedule a spin class with a friend, send my husband a quick and super cheesy note that I still love my wedding rings six years later, and tell my dad that I’m at the office so he is more than welcome to drop off a new batch of pomegranate seeds. All these texts happened this morning within 5 minutes of each other.
But technology creates a false sense of belonging and interaction in the fact that I equally celebrate a baby announcement, new engagement, send birthday wishes, or appreciate a recipe for dilled pickles all with a single “like” or text.  So, on my 2015 to-do list: less likes and more coffee dates, letter sending, hugs, happy hours, and family time.
Cross Something Off my Bucket List.
After my failed “see a moose in Michigan” backpacking trip to Isle Royale in 2013, I’m more determined than ever to get working on this bucket list of mine. So far, watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain while drinking coffee or see the northern lights are top contenders for 2015.
Isle Royale was a blast. But not a dang moose in sight.
Give More of My Time.
My husband and I are pretty plugged in at our church. A lot of new friendships have been formed through this and while staying late or getting there early can be an outright hassle sometimes, I always leave the building or event with a heart full of gratitude. Later this month, I’m starting a volunteer opportunity with a low-income school district to help run a math program. Let’s keep it a secret that I’m actually super terrible at math, but I’m looking forward to getting more involved in a community that I commute through every single day, but rarely step foot in. I know that our knee-jerk reaction to volunteering usually starts with “I would love to, but I’m too busy…” but I find that prioritizing these opportunities are well worth schedule flip flopping and time sacrifice.
Volunteering- because when else can you dust off the clothes you haven’t worn since college?

Chill Out.

This is the first year in over five years that I do not have any big endurance races on my schedule. I usually like to spend January planning some type of trip that involves dragging my husband on yet another race related “vacation.” We have a lot going on this year as a family, so the long races need to take a back burner in 2015. But this does not mean that I still don’t plan on hitting the trails with girls for a run and post-run breakfast and participating in local races as much as possible.

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