Winter Won’t Win Challenge

Today, when I was using Siri to help me “talk to text,” I said “Sparkle.Pounce.” and that no good, dirty, little snob funny lady typed in “Sparkle.Pounds.” Ummmm….not funny, Siri!! 

It’s like she has been watching me over the last few days…

Yes, puppy chow is THAT good!

Which leads me to what we’re all thinking…. I really need to make sure I start 2015 out on track!

Sparkle.Pounce. wants to help you do that! We are excited to be having our first Winter Won’t Win Challenge! For this, we are challenging you to move your body 50 or 100 miles during the month of January. You choose the mileage that works for you, and we support you along the way. These miles may be run, walked, shuffled, crawled… inside or outside, on the road, trails, track, treadmill…you name it!

If you choose to enter this challenge, you’ll get the following things:

1. A super cute and comfy Sparkle.Pounce. zip-up hoodie!

2. Access to a closed, motivational Facebook group where we will offer daily motivation and tips to keep you on track.

3. Access to a group Excel sheet to track your mileage.

We hope you join us in this Winter Won’t Win Challenge! Click here to go to our Etsy link and sign up now! ($40 plus tax)

Here’s to making 2015 the best year yet!

Sparkle.Pounce.Winter Won’t Win.

3 thoughts on “Winter Won’t Win Challenge”

  1. Maybe this is the motivation I need – though going from zero miles a month to 50 might be more than I can really handle. Kendra, you will have to talk me into this when we celebrate on Sunday.

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