I Just Want Some Cheez-Its

Today’s blog is brought to you by…a girl who is on a mission to eat suuuuuuper healthy until Christmas…but really just wants to eat some Cheez-Its. Like, a whole box of Cheez-Its.

Is eating healthy a constant battle for anyone else? I feel like I can go a few days without having any major cravings, and then, all of a sudden, it’s like everyone is working against me and I’m being offered candy, chips, brownies, pizza, cupcakes, Little Debbies (I work at an elementary school)…EVERYTHING I’M TRYING NOT TO EAT!!! And, it becomes a battle between what I want right now and what I want in the future. 

Here’s what that looks like in pictures….

What I want now:

What I want most:

What I think that looks like:

Overall Summary:

Sometimes it works for me to redirect my thoughts and focus on my future goals. And sometimes, I just need to eat some Cheez-Its (or Goldfish crackers, or Oreos, or a whole bag of Popcorners….)

It’s okay to hop off the wagon for a minute, just make sure you hop back on and keep chasing those dreams.

Sparkle.Pounce.Keep Chasing Those Dreams.


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