It’s Time For a Restart

The week before Thanksgiving I was a total what’s that really mean name for a lady?  grumpisaurus. Things that normally don’t phase me were really getting under my skin. Honestly, I was getting on my own nerves. 

So, when it was time to hop on a plane and head to Wyoming for Thanksgiving, I was more than ready to hit the road. I was excited to spend time away from my job, my house (and all of the daily house work), packing lunches, homework, bills, work email….and all of the stress of my every day, normal routine.

And, this trip did not disappoint. It was full of lots and lots of family time (even some total and complete silliness), relaxation, and adventures (which just so happens to be my favorite thing!). 

This is a picture from one adventure of the trip, a day hike to the almost top of a mountain! 

Another fun moment of the trip was having my 5 year old son tag along with me for part of my run. He was such a trooper and he reminded me just how much of an influence my actions have on what he’s interested in. (Let me tell you, the run would have been MUCH easier without him along, but the fact that he wants to be like me, makes it all worth it.)

But, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. And, here I am, back in Michigan, and back at my usual daily routine.

However, that little time-out from it all was the perfect restart for me. It left me feeling much more sparkly and ready to take on this thing called life.

AND…even though today is Monday, it’s been pretty amazing! I had three friends text me to remind me to sign up for the Bayshore Marathon this morning (which I did!!! WOOT! WOOT!). Just knowing that other people are thinking about me and my goals/dreams means so much. 

AND…someone left me this surprise on my desk before work!

AND…I got an email saying I was accepted as a pacer for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon this spring! 

So, even though every day isn’t super, duper, fantastically, sparkly, it’s good to know that we can hit the “restart” button, take a time-out, and come back ready to kick butt and spread some sunshine.



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