What Am I Doing?

Last week I wrote the “Meet Sparkle.Pounce.” blog. It was fun to reminisce about all of the laughs I’ve had with these girls. But, something has really been jabbing at me ever since I published that blog.

It really didn’t take me long at all to answer my “bucket list” question. What is something on your bucket list? Easy. I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. (And then of course I added jokingly that if I maintain my same pace, I should be able to qualify when I’m 50!). I have been reflecting on that question over the last week, and it’s really getting to me. 

Honestly, I feel a little bit like a hypocrite. I may be the biggest preacher of “Do What You Dream” and I’m always telling people that if you want something, you should go get it. And yet, here I am with this HUGE goal and desire that I’m doing absolutely nothing to pursue. Sigh…

So, I looked up what time I need in order to qualify. Luckily, I’m turning 35 in June, so that buys me an extra 5 minutes! (Suddenly getting older doesn’t seem so bad!) I need to cut 18 minutes off of my marathon PR. And ya know what? I might not be able to do it. Or maybe it’s going to take me a couple years. But, screw waiting until I’m 50. I might not even be around then. It’s time for me to start chasing that dream.

Speed work, here I come.

Sparkle.Pounce.Chase those dreams.


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