You Are Never Done, Darling

Just as I was getting over the rush of completing my 50 miler, I got an email today containing the finisher’s photo that I ordered.


And it all came back to me. All the excitement, the pride, the disbelief that I actually ran 50 miles. CRAZINESS!

The timing of this email was perfect. I will be running the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon this Sunday, and just this morning I was thinking how I wasn’t really feeling ready to run that far. It will be harrrrrrrd. Maybe I could just go and cheer? My legs are not feeling it just yet….

And then it hit me, this run is going to be amazingly FUN! My sister is running it with me, as well as some friends, and a whole group of ladies on Team Sparkle.Pounce. that will be sporting matching shirts. Plus, it’s an all WOMEN’S race! WOOT! WOOT! Of course I’m going to run it.

Sometimes I think that’s what happens to me after I achieve something big. I feel like I’m done. Wahoo! I did it! But…that’s not really how it works. Yup! You did it! Awesome! Now, what are you going to do next? For me, I always need another goal to work towards. Something to keep me moving.

Detroit Women’s Half…here I come!

Sparkle.Pounce.Never be done.

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