There’ll Be Days Like That…


Oh what a wonderful life it would be if every day was full of sparkle and pouncing our dreams. But that’s not always how it is. Sometimes we get so caught up in portraying this goal, that we are scared to admit that things aren’t always so sparkly and perfect. 

This week has been pretty rough for me. Today is day 8 of being a single mom, and I have 4 days to go. And, it’s my last week of summer vacation, which really stinks. This summer has been full of so many wonderful adventures, that it’s very hard to watch it end.

I’ve tried to fill my time with as much fun as possible, and have kept the boys busy dragging them all over the state. Here they are running down the sand dunes at Lake Michigan!

And I even got to visit with some long lost high school friends over the weekend. But for some reason, that even left me feeling melancholy over the fact that they are no longer a part of my daily life. 

But through all of the blah-ness of the last week, I’ve had one thing that has held me together…Running. It’s my “go to” healer. When I feel broken, I know that a good, hard run will ease the pain. It will remind me that I am strong, and will give me strength to not make inappropriate comments on Facebook be a better mom and just a better person in general.

I don’t suffer from depression, but like everyone else, I have some off days. So, this is just me, telling you, that everyone gets bummed sometimes. Even the ones that you may think are forever and always full of sparkle.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

And to the rest of you… Sparkle.Pounce.Repeat.


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