Sometimes Running Sucks

Even though I try to always be the girl who LOVES running, and who is continually trying to get other people to love it as much as I do, there are just some days when I really don’t want to run. It doesn’t sound like fun, I’m tired, I don’t want to get sweaty and have to take another shower, I just ate, the kids need me, I have to make dinner, it’s getting dark out… You get the idea.

And once you slide into a routine of NOT running regularly, the thought of starting to run regularly again can be daunting. Which is why I was so excited to receive this challenge from my Sparkle.Pounce. sister, Stephanie.

I’m almost always up for a challenge. And this seemed like just the thing to get me out of my running funk and back into a routine, which I so desperately need.

The first day of the challenge was hard. It doesn’t seem like running just 1 mile would be so difficult, but when it’s 9:00 pm and you haven’t run your mile yet, it’s hard. I ended up doing 3.1 miles though, because I was already in my running clothes and sweating, so what the heck.

Day 2 was easy because I got to squeeze the run in during work while on a field trip at Stony Creek. It almost felt like I was cheating!

Then, yesterday rolled around. It was my last day of school (I’m a teacher), and I had a long day. I got home and was just relaxing with my boys because I was heading back out last night around 9:00 pm to go listen to a friend’s band play. Around 6:00 pm I suddenly remembered that I still had to run my mile for the day. I was so annoyed!! There was nothing that I wanted to do less than go run a mile, get sweaty, and have to take a shower again! 

But, there’s no way I’m losing this challenge. Not. Going. To. Happen. (The loser has to buy 50K stickers for our cars!) So, I hopped on the treadmill and did 1 sole mile. It was all I had in me. All I could think was that this little competition was a stupid idea.

And then I finished my mile. And I realized that it had actually woken me up and given me more energy for my long night ahead. 

Running is funny that way. It’s kind of like a good friend who never disappoints. Even if you really don’t feel like running, you never regret the time spent doing it, and you always end up better off for having done it. 


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