Morning Run

7:30 am. Coffee in hand. Sweaty legs stuck to the chair. Those are signs of a good morning.

Today marks day two in a row that I set my alarm early and got out of the house for a run before anyone woke up. Accomplishing this in the summer when it’s light out, warm, and I don’t have to come home and go to work, isn’t nearly as daunting as in the winter months when, let’s be honest, I just don’t do it.

Yesterday’s run felt great. But today, I was dragging. I was dragging from the moment my alarm went off. Sleep eluded me last night and I tossed and turned…a lot. So, when the buzz sounded at 6:30 am, I just wanted to hit snooze, roll over, and save the run for later. Luckily, I didn’t.

Instead, I opened up my NikePlus app to check my status in the “most miles this month” to see that I was less than two miles away from second place. So, I made a deal with myself that I only needed to run two miles and then I’d be done.

As I began my run, I was not feeling spunky in the least. As I ran the dirt roads near my home, I tried to picture where exactly I was going to get to turn around when I heard the sweet voice of the NikePlus lady tell me that I’d completed one mile. Honestly, I never turn around after one mile, so I was having a difficult time figuring it out. And I was getting tired. 

When, out of no where, a herd of runners appeared. Seriously, I think there were six of them and they looked like the real deal. Lean, fresh, chatting, laughing, sprinting?, and grinning from ear to ear. As I neared them, the super annoying NikePlus lady burst out, “One mile complete. Average pace 9 minutes, 43 seconds,” and I wanted to punch her in the nose. The chances of me turning around at that point, and having to run with this group of what appeared to be, professional runners, was slim to zero. Not going to happen. So, I waved a good morning, and continued on. 

Once I was sure they were out of sight, I slowed to a walk, checked my app, and saw that I’d run 1.5 miles. Which meant my two mile run had just turned into a three mile run, thanks to a pack of runners and my own pride.

But, wouldn’t you know it, my other NikePlus buddies must have been out there running their own miles this morning because I only held my second place status for about an hour. Well done, ladies. 

Think of life as a competition with yourself to become #extraordinary. @Karen Salmansohn

Sparkle.Pounce.Be Extraordinary. 

Sometimes Running Sucks

Even though I try to always be the girl who LOVES running, and who is continually trying to get other people to love it as much as I do, there are just some days when I really don’t want to run. It doesn’t sound like fun, I’m tired, I don’t want to get sweaty and have to take another shower, I just ate, the kids need me, I have to make dinner, it’s getting dark out… You get the idea.

And once you slide into a routine of NOT running regularly, the thought of starting to run regularly again can be daunting. Which is why I was so excited to receive this challenge from my Sparkle.Pounce. sister, Stephanie.

I’m almost always up for a challenge. And this seemed like just the thing to get me out of my running funk and back into a routine, which I so desperately need.

The first day of the challenge was hard. It doesn’t seem like running just 1 mile would be so difficult, but when it’s 9:00 pm and you haven’t run your mile yet, it’s hard. I ended up doing 3.1 miles though, because I was already in my running clothes and sweating, so what the heck.

Day 2 was easy because I got to squeeze the run in during work while on a field trip at Stony Creek. It almost felt like I was cheating!

Then, yesterday rolled around. It was my last day of school (I’m a teacher), and I had a long day. I got home and was just relaxing with my boys because I was heading back out last night around 9:00 pm to go listen to a friend’s band play. Around 6:00 pm I suddenly remembered that I still had to run my mile for the day. I was so annoyed!! There was nothing that I wanted to do less than go run a mile, get sweaty, and have to take a shower again! 

But, there’s no way I’m losing this challenge. Not. Going. To. Happen. (The loser has to buy 50K stickers for our cars!) So, I hopped on the treadmill and did 1 sole mile. It was all I had in me. All I could think was that this little competition was a stupid idea.

And then I finished my mile. And I realized that it had actually woken me up and given me more energy for my long night ahead. 

Running is funny that way. It’s kind of like a good friend who never disappoints. Even if you really don’t feel like running, you never regret the time spent doing it, and you always end up better off for having done it. 


Pity Party

Yesterday I went running for the first time in 2 weeks. 

Until May, I was on a streak of running 100 miles or more every month in 2014. And now, suddenly, I’m in a funk. I can’t seem to figure out how to make my runs fit in my busy, end of the school year schedule. 

I really need to get my act together! The Grand Island Trail Marathon is in 6 weeks, and I’m not ready. (Luckily, Stephanie’s running it with me, and she’s not ready either…so that makes me feel a little better…HA!)

But really, what’s my deal? It’s clearly race season. The weather is ideal. Perfect really. And I’m just not doing what I need to do.

Today, I was messing around on Facebook and feeling REALLY jealous of everyone that did triathlons today. Last weekend was exactly the same. I sat there and looked through all the pictures and saw those amazing accomplishments and was completely jealous! It’s pathetic really, I’m having a little pity party over here, wishing I was out there racing.

And then it hit me, there is literally nothing stopping me from doing the things I want to do. Those races are completely within my realm of possibilities, I just haven’t taken any initiative to sign up for anything. (Plus, I always remind myself how much I dislike swimming…why does everyone think duathlons aren’t as cool as triathlons?!?) 

Anyways, it’s time for this pity party to be over. I WILL do better this week! Let the training begin!

Sparkle.Pounce.Do What You Dream.


No “I” In Team

Throughout the recent milestones Sparkle.Pounce. has reached with the successful etsy site launch and surprising sales from across the country – I was intrigued by the dynamic between the five of us SP ladies and how we had been working together. In a strange way it took me back to our 50K ultra marathon we tackled in Vermont. The same trip where our vision of SP really started to take shape a mere 8 months ago.

It may have been one person’s idea initially to run the 50K, and one or two of us jumped on board quickly and the one or two of us took a little longer to commit. But we were all excited about the idea of taking on the 50K challenge.

During training, some showed up regularly for weekend runs and logged the miles while others couldn’t for various reasons.

Pre race, some of us were positive and optimistic knowing we’d complete the distance and have a blast doing it – while others were a little more apprehensive thinking they weren’t prepared or were just plain scared.

During the run, different ladies would take the lead depending on who was feeling strong at that point. Other times, four of us would stop and wait for a teammate to catch up and we’d try to pep them up for the next few miles.

We argued occasionally if someone thought our pace was too fast, afraid we might burn out. Or some of us would be nervous if our pace was too slow that we wouldn’t finish under the cut off.

It wasn’t always the same person up front or the same person in the back – we all traded places mentally and physically throughout the distance.

All of these memories from the 50K remind me of the challenges and successes the five of us have faced throughout the last 8 months of launching SP.

We started that challenge together, and our goal was to finish together. And while along the way we weren’t always “together”, we crossed that line arm in arm with smiles on our faces and a love for the same motto which was printed across our chests uniting us.

This SP adventure to me has been and will continue to be a lot like our 50K race I think. I loved these ladies before both endeavors for their friendship and training companionship – and now we are all learning to love new sides of each other – the entrepreneur side, the analytical side, the passionate side. Who are the do-ers, who are the dream-ers and who can put them both together and do what they dream.