Do What You Dream

“Do What You Dream” is probably the saying that Sparkle. Pounce. lives by more than anything else. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people (especially women!) to stop merely existing, and to start chasing their dreams.

And that’s exactly what we did last week as we finally launched our Etsy shop! It was SCARY and we really weren’t sure if we were ready, (let’s be honest…we probably weren’t!). But it was a dream we’ve been chasing for a long time, and it was time to say, “GO!”

What a whirlwind of a week it was. We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from friends and family. Our inventory quickly dwindled to nearly nothing, and we scrambled to place more orders with our distributor and try and calculate which items were going to have the most sales as we moved forward. In some cases, we were right, and in others we were really surprised! Our “Do What You Dream” design proved to be a best seller, and that makes us SO HAPPY! Not only do we LOVE the feather design, but the saying is one that we want to spread to the world. It’s never too late to “Do What You Dream”!

Whether your dream is to run a 5K, run a marathon, lose unwanted weight, start your own business, complete a triathlon, run an ultra, complete a road bike tour, or any of the other adventures that are out there waiting…we will be here to share some “Sparkle” and watch you “Pounce” those dreams! (Preferably while wearing one of our awesome shirts!)

Thanks again for all of the support last week! We are so excited to keep moving forward in this journey.

Sparkle.Pounce. Do What You Dream.

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