Spring Forward

Do you know what’s awesome about springing forward? It’s one time in our year when we don’t get to make any kind of decision about something that’s a pretty big change. And really, a change for the better. We all whined about it a bit and dreaded waking up “an hour early” on Monday morning, but guess what? We ALL did it! And I bet that all of us are LOVING the fact that it’s staying light until almost 8pm.

But, if I had been given a choice on this matter, I definitely would have said I wasn’t ready for the change. I mean, I really enjoyed driving to work in the daylight, and why does it need to stay lighter at night when the weather outside is MISERABLE anyways, right? Luckily, I was forced into it, and now I’m happy about it.

Sometimes I wish that there were other areas in my life that were like this. Even if I didn’t feel ready, somehow if it was what was best for me, it would just automatically start changing. Something would force me to do things. Or, things would just be done without my input. Maybe I’d wake up to an email confirming a race registration for a 50 mile ultra, or I’d get a voice mail verifying that I had volunteered to go on a mission trip, or I’d find a note from a student asking me when I was starting the after school running club. All of these are things that I want to do…some day. But the time is just never right. I’m never ready.

So, that’s why I’m thankful for daylight savings time. It’s the one time of the year when someone else makes a decision for me. And although I’m not ready for it, and I complain and pout about it, I know that it’s actually pretty great.

Sparkle. Pounce. Spring forward!

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