Not Alone

Today after work, I had the luxury of going for a run at Stony Creek before I picked the boys up from daycare. It had been a long time since I’d gone for a run outside by myself, and I was feeling a little anxious about it. Over the last few months all of my runs have either been outside with my Sparkle. Pounce. girls, or on the treadmill with Mr. White and Jesse (Breaking Bad my current Netflix treadmill addiction). The thought of being alone with my thoughts for 6 miles was a bit daunting.

As it turns out, it was a pretty awesome run. And, I came up with the brilliant idea that since I was alone with my thoughts for 6 miles, I should take advantage of the opportunity to share those thoughts with all of you…in this blog. So, here we go. A unique glimpse into the mind of Kendra before, during, and after a run…

It’s really cold out here. Quick bathroom stop. Get the Nike Plus app all set. Should I share it on Facebook? I just told Stephanie that I didn’t need “cheers” on Facebook, but now I think maybe I do. It will make me feel like I’m not alone on this run. Ok. I’m doing it. I’m sharing my workout on Facebook. What the heck? Alright, pressed “begin run”…must shove phone in my fanny pack as quickly as possible and start moving.

Does my pace show up on Facebook? Oh man. This can’t be a slow run. I don’t like running alone. Why am I already out of breathe? There is no one here today. I’m really all alone.

Maybe I should write my blog today about being alone, but never really being alone. I could title it “TMI Tuesday” and tell the story about the jump-roping conversation. Yes. That’s what I’ll do. I can start off with how I was embarrassed to say that I can’t jump rope anymore because of the “leakage” issues that happen ever since I had kids. And then tell about how a certain other friend who has never had kids has the same problem! And it’s not just me! Almost all women have the same issue! Of course, I’ll warn the men that they might not want to read this blog…it is, after all, titled “TMI Tuesday”. This will be perfect.

I’m keeping up a pretty good pace. I wonder if I can stay under 9 minutes for every mile. Hmmmm…

I haven’t seen a single woman out here. What the heck ladies?! Where are you?

Am I holding my pepper spray right? Yup. Looks good. I hope it’s not frozen in there. I wonder if I should give it a test squirt…

Oh look! A woman! It’s Michelle. I’m 99% sure that she doesn’t know my name, but I know hers. She’s a real runner. I wonder if she’s here every day at this time? I swear she’s here every time that I run over here at this time of day. I wonder how many times I’ve run around this 6 mile loop… A LOT. I wonder how many times Kenny has run around this loop. Kenny is another one of those runners that has no idea who I am. I remember when I was running the CRIM and Kenny talked me through miles 7-9. He was a life saver. And he didn’t know me then, still doesn’t know me now. I hope I’m one of those runners some day. I really need to run over here more often if I want people to start recognizing me…

I’m kind of tired. Wait a second. I haven’t had a single “cheer” on Nike Plus. I think people don’t like to see people’s workouts on Facebook. Maybe it’s annoying. But still, not a single cheer? Man, I really am alone out here.

4 miles done and still staying under 9 minute miles! I hope my pace does show up on Facebook. This is fast for me!

There really isn’t anyone out here today. I’m going to walk and catch my breathe for a minute.

Oh crap. There’s somebody. I have to run. I hope they didn’t see me walking. I’m going to run faster as I go by.

Wait a second. Do I know that guy?


I think I knew that guy. Was that Paul’s brother? But which one? I can never tell twins apart. I wonder if that was him. I’ve never seen him over here before. I would hate to be a twin. I want people to know who I am!

Less than 1.5 miles to go…

Man, if I could maintain this pace for a 1/2 marathon I could set a PR! What would my time be at an 8:45 mile? ….. Forget it. I can’t figure that out right now.

I remember my first 1/2 marathon after having Finn. Ha! My first race where I ever peed my pants and just kept on running. That’s another good topic for “TMI Tuesday.” I didn’t care. If I would’ve stopped to pee I wouldn’t have broken 2 hours. It was totally worth it. I still think it’s funny that that was the first and only time I ever beat Rondi (my sister) in a race, and yet the official time chip said she beat me. And she hoped I didn’t look up the official times. Ha! I sure did.

Less than half a mile left! Wait a second. I still haven’t had a single cheer on Facebook. Ok, I’m never putting a workout on Facebook again. But I do hope that my pace shows up on there. I am killing this run!

Don’t walk. Don’t walk. Push to the end. Wait for the beep…and…DONE!

Click stop on my Garmin. Unzip the fanny pack. Take out the phone to “end” the run. WHAT?!?! Why is it asking me if I want to begin my workout with a weak GPS signal? Wait. NO! It didn’t log any of that?? 52:04 for 6 miles and it counts for nothing. Sigh… Nike Plus is NOT my favorite app anymore. And maybe that’s what I didn’t get any “cheers”…but maybe that’s annoying anyways. Ok. Time to get the boys.

So you see, it’s not always bad to be alone with your thoughts. Actually, it was a breathe of fresh air. And I must say, I’m much better company than Mr. White and Jesse (remember…Breaking Bad…).

Sparkle. Pounce.

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