You Think You Have Time

 You think you have time

I’m really not even sure where to start with this one. I feel like the last few days have been full of events/situations that have caused me to stop…and think.

On Saturday night in church, our Pastor double dared us to complete five random acts of kindness this week. He also challenged us to spend more time stopping and appreciating things instead of being constantly on the go. AND, he gave each family a devotional book about living a life of generosity. Those things by themselves don’t seem like much, but then the week started.

Monday I got an email about a fundraiser that my son’s elementary school is holding for their former principal who needs a double lung transplant. He will not survive without the surgery, which will cost $25,000. This man was only my son’s principal his kindergarten year, but he still talks about him. I know he’s a special person, even though I do not know him personally.

Then, Monday evening I found out that a friend of a friend’s running partner was struck by a drunk driver and killed while she was out on a run with her husband at 8:00am. The man who was driving the vehicle is a doctor of internal medicine and was on his way to work. Ironically, his own wife was killed in a drunk driving accident just two years ago.

Today, I received an email that a family member on my husband’s side has to have open heart surgery this week. This man isn’t even 40 years old and he has to undergo an intensive surgery that will leave him unable to work for three months.

Then, after work I was reading the day’s news when I read the story about another school shooting in New Mexico. It occurred at a middle school, leaving one student in critical condition and another in serious condition. (Note…I NEVER read the news. I try to avoid hearing about all of the horrible things that are happening in our world.)

I stopped at the bank on the way home to deposit a couple of checks, and noticed a man sitting outside the bank in his car. He looked a little suspicious to me, but I went inside. Just after I walked in he walked in behind me. I got chills. Why you ask? Because all of the garbage that has happened this week has left me completely on edge and full of fear! And I can’t stand it! After I finished my banking and realized that I was completely crazy, it struck me that it is only Tuesday and I have “stopped” to listen and look and hear about a lot of really crappy things happening. 

Luckily, these events have left me with some great opportunities to complete my five random acts of kindness. And they have really gotten me thinking about the fact that we need to live life today. And every day. 

Awsome message Sometimes living life means that we stop and appreciate everything we have in this life. Other times though, we really need to grab life with both hands and live it full speed ahead. Work towards what you want. Don’t wait for a better time to reach your goals. There isn’t one.

Sparkle. Pounce. Live.

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