Be Excited.

Last night as I sat at the kitchen table helping my boys make rubber band bracelets, I was feeling a little mopey about the monotony of my daily routine throughout the week. There isn’t much that I enjoy about emptying backpacks, reading notes, filling out papers and forms, making dinner, cleaning up dinner, packing lunches, doing laundry, setting out clothes…and on and on. It’s tiresome. And boring. And blah.

But this morning I woke up excited. The reason? I have an hour in my schedule today after work and before I pick my kids up that I get to do whatever I want. And do you know what I decided to do with that hour? I packed a bag with my running gear and I’m going to go for a run! 

Now, you might be wondering why this is so exciting. Well, let me tell you. First, it’s really hard to get out the door in the morning on time. And today I was not only on time, but I also put dinner in the crock pot before I left, AND I packed my running gear! The last two Tuesdays I had every intention of packing my stuff, but I didn’t remember it until I was half way to work. Once I leave the house without running gear, that one hour of “me” time that I get on Tuesdays cannot be used for running because it would be wasted driving all the way home to get my stuff. So, I am giving myself a little pat on the back just for remembering my running clothes.

Next, I’m excited that I’m excited to run today! HA! I do love to run, but all days are not created equally when it comes to being motivated to do so. But today, I am thankful that my mind and body agree that it’s the perfect day to get out there after work and hit the pavement (or the trails…not sure yet!). And I just know that after my run, I’ll have more energy and motivation to complete the evening’s monotonous tasks that will be waiting for me.

One of my favorite little says is, “Wake up and be awesome.” And today, I think that’s definitely on my “To Do” list!

today i am excited about everything


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