Changing My Attitude

Yesterday was my first official day to report back to work. Summer vacation is officially over. As you can imagine, I have been filled with many moments of self pity and feelings of “poor me” over the last week. To all of you teachers out there, you get it. To the rest of you who want to throw things at me right now, I’m sorry. But it really is tough to say good-bye to the lazy days of summer and say hello to 8 hour days full of professional development. Yesterday was especially rough. I was in a room with about 260 other teachers and administrators who were all feeling the same as me…sad that summer is over, still half asleep, anxious for the new year and all of the stresses that it brings. Basically, by the end of the LONG day, I wanted to crawl in a corner and hide. I was not feeling at all ready to face the challenges that the year is going to bring. 

Then, last night, something inside of me decided that I would not accept today’s professional development (or really just the fact that we are back at work) to bring me, or any of my coworkers, down. I was going to be the sparkle that brought a smile to my coworkers face and just made the day happier. I made a plan of attack and went to bed.

The first essential step to my diabolical sparkle and sunshine plan was to make sure I looked as cute as possible. Now, you might be laughing at this, but I assure you that it was an important and successful part of the plan. When you try your best to look your best, you exude a certain amount of confidence that draws people to you. Plus, you get compliments on how cute you look and that makes everyone happier! 

The next part of my plan included a quick stop at Tim Horton’s to pick up 3 dozen donuts for my coworkers. Bam. I just brought the sunshine. Who doesn’t love a surprise donut for breakfast?! I could tell that everyone was already happier than they were yesterday.

The final part of my plan to make today a better day was that I made a conscious decision to remain actively involved in today’s professional development, to take notes, and to stay focused. And it totally worked! I had meaningful discussions, I learned new things, and the time flew by! I changed my attitude, and everything changed.

And then, as if just to reward me for being such a sunshine spreader, we got out an hour early!!! And then, on top of that, when I was driving home I got a surprise text from one of my sweat sisters asking if I could go for a run. And I COULD! Honestly, I don’t think that second days back to work after summer vacation get much better than that. But I can guarantee you that if I would have gone in to work today with the same attitude that I had yesterday, nothing about today would have been any different.

If you don't like something change it if you can't change it change your attitude | Anonymous ART of Revolution

 Even as adults, we sometimes need an attitude check. This could be with work, fitness, eating habits, relationships with family and friends…so many things! Make sure that your attitude matches your desired outcome. It’s really hard to have a fabulous day when you are in a sour mood!

As my sweat sisters would say…

Sparkle. Pounce. Boom.

And remember, everywhere you go, it’s important to bring your own sunshine!

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