Change of Plans…

It’s 8:18am on Saturday morning, and I am supposed to be on a beautiful trail run with my sweat sisters. Instead, I’m at home being a responsible mother and wife. **Insert sigh…

Sometimes it’s REALLY hard to figure out what is the right decision. When my alarm went off at 6:45 this morning for my 12 mile trail run, I rolled over and, for a moment, pondered going back to sleep. I looked at my phone and saw that one of the girls sent a late night text indicating that there was a good chance she wouldn’t be crawling out of bed in time for the run. Another one had sent a similar text earlier last night, so I knew that I had to get up and make this happen so that we had a success rate of at least 50%!

Luckily, the coffee was already made. I poured myself a cup, packed a peanut butter and honey sandwich, got dressed, and finished my cup of coffee. Then, I waited…

My husband had left at 6:15 this morning to go pick up a skid steer to do some major work on our driveway. He had given himself plenty of time to get back by 7:30 so that I could head out for my run…or so he thought. But then, I got a call from him at 7:18 to let me know that there was no chance he would be home in time. He was having problems.

UGH!!!! I sent out my group “I’m not sure how late I’m going to be, but I’m going to be late” text and debated my next move. I had a few options. A.) I could go back to sleep (but I had already drank my coffee… B.) I could just sit and wait…and wait…and do nothing until he got home, or C.) I could start running laps around my driveway until he got there, then head out and hope to be able to meet up with the girls somewhere on the trails. I went with option C after getting a text from my husband that my parent duties would be relieved in 15 minutes! (Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all…)

6 laps, equaling 1 mile, later I stopped and checked my phone again to see that it was almost time to go. I heard Will at the top of the driveway. So I grabbed my keys and headed up. He gave me the go ahead, but with a look on his face that said something along the lines of “things are not going well for me this morning.” I got in my car, started to drive down the road, then turned around knowing that it was a pretty selfish move at that point. The kids were still in bed sleeping and Will was at the top of the driveway with a skid steer on the back of a trailer that appeared to have a flat tire.

Sometimes NOT running is the responsible decision. (Don’t make a point out of using that excuse though!) Today I am giving myself permission to reschedule this 12 mile run. I’m not sure if it will be this afternoon or tomorrow, but I know that it’s not happening right now. Granted, I could go out and run laps around the driveway, but I did that on Thursday and I think 36 laps is enough for this week! (Oh wait, I did 6 more this morning…42 is enough for this week!)

And now my kids are up, and my husband is working on the driveway. I am content in knowing that I made the unselfish decision this morning. Liam is currently asking me questions about the triathlon that he and Finn are in at noon today. It’s time to help them get ready. Mother duty calls!

The trails will wait.

Make plans. Change plans. But stick to the goal.

It's okay to change plans and switch direction if they don't work out as planned the first time around. However, always remember what your final goal is.


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