What Did I do?!?!

Today I officially destroyed any excuse that I had to not be able to go for a run any time that I want to. My treadmill is still not at my new house, but the 0.17 mile circle driveway is here, and today I ran around it 24 times for a 4.12 mile run. And yes, that means I ran up the big hill 24 times. It was rough, but it felt GOOD.

Yesterday, Finn officially began to ride his bike without training wheels. It was pretty incredible considering that we took the training wheels off about a month ago. He really wanted the training wheels off, but after a couple days of trying he still wasn’t getting the hang of it. He wanted the training wheels back on, but Dad had already gotten rid of them. So, Finn had given up on the bike. Suddenly, yesterday morning he wanted to try again and he picked it up with no problem at all. For the last 2 days he has been riding the bike non-stop. He LOVES it. Actually, last night after his second big fall (lots of scrapes and cuts but still no tears!) I told him that maybe it was time to be done for the day. He said, “NO! I have to practice for the triathlon!”

This should make me oh so happy, right?! Yes, it should. But, the problem is that now that he has learned how to ride his bike, I think that I have lost my running buddy!

This morning when I was starting my run he wanted to run with me. I told him he could run with me as long as he wanted to, but that I was going to keep running for a long time after he finished. I was sure he’d run at least 4 times around with me. Nope. He didn’t even make it up the big hill once before he started walking. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “This isn’t fun. Riding my bike is way more fun.” AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What did I do?!?! I was sure that I had a fully trained runner on my hands, but I fear he has turned to the dark side. He is going to be a typical triathlete who only runs because they have to. I admit that riding my bike is REALLY fun, but where is the love for the run?!

Do what you love and love what you do. For now Finner is going to love the bike. I am going to continue to love to run and ride my bike, and try really hard to make my kids love BOTH of those things as well. Heck, I’m even doing a pretty good job lately of tricking them into thinking that I like to swim in open water that has fish and turtles and a few weeds in it! Hahahaha! If they only knew!

Do what you love**** On a side note, Liam has never liked to run. He could not be happier that Finn is now riding his bike without training wheels. It may be the only thing that they currently do together without fighting. SO, that should be another reason I’m happy Finn is riding his bike! But selfishly, I want my running buddy back!

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