The Best Running Buddy

Yesterday I went for my first run in ten days. It was amazing! The cool weather and the fact that I wasn’t bouncing between houses were a huge help. But, the best part of it all was that I had a running buddy for my first half mile.

As soon as I said that I was going for a run, Finn asked if he could come along. I said that I would run laps around the driveway with him for a little while and then I’d head out on my own. He was disappointed, but conceded anyways. So we got dressed in our running clothes, running shoes, and my trusty Garmin so I could see just how far a lap around the driveway was.

The new driveway is a circle drive with a big hill on one side. So no matter which way you go, you have to run up a giant hill. I let Finn pick the direction, and we were off. He is a great little runner. The whole way up the hill he huffed and puffed and said it was hard, but never even considered walking. Then, the whole way down the other side he laughed and laughed. We circled the drive three times, for a total of .48 miles! He was very proud of himself, but I think I was feeling even more pride them him. 

I told Finn to go tell his Daddy how far he’d run, and I set out on the dirt roads by myself. This was my first run around the new house. I had a pretty good feel for where I was, but not enough to know what the route would be like. The beginning of the run was beautiful and fully shaded with huge old trees lining both sides of the road. Then, I turned a corner to see a giant downhill immediately followed by a giant uphill. Running down was a wonderful feeling in the cool morning with the sun shining on my face. But the run up the other side was brutal. I kept wishing that Finn was with me so that I had someone else to encourage, and because I knew that if he was with me I wouldn’t even think about taking a walk break. Eventually, I made it to the top and did have to walk for a few seconds to catch my breath. 

I finished my 4 mile run and felt pretty refreshed. Walking down my driveway, I could hear all 3 of my boys fishing in the pond, and I saw a deer run through the yard. I can’t think of a better way to start a day. All of us were doing our favorite things and enjoying the blessings that God has given us. 

Then, last night before bed, Finn insisted on going for another run. So we did four more laps around the driveway, bringing his total for the day to more than 1 mile! Not too bad for a 4 year old.

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