Tennis Shoes aren’t for Yoga

It is hard to try new things. Coming up with reasons not to try something new is considerably easier. I don’t have time, we’re just too busy with baseball/soccer/hockey/basketball season, I won’t be good at it, I have bad knees, I’m too out of shape. Sometimes, the biggest excuse for not venturing out of our comfort zone is the hardest one to admit. We are SCARED.

Tonight I tried my first yoga class in 10 years. I went once 10 years ago and I hated it. Of course, I can’t remember specifically why I hated it, but I definitely remember something about not being flexible enough, not being able to stay balanced, and not knowing the moves. Now that I am older (and so much more mature) I realize that what I need most to reach my fitness goals are flexibility and core strength. Hence the big, bold idea to try yoga again!

I didn’t even know I was scared to try yoga again until about 2 hours before class. Suddenly it hit me, what am I doing? I don’t have a mat. Am I supposed to wear shoes? Just socks? Do I bring a water bottle? How early should I get there? I don’t want to be the first one. I don’t want to show up late and not get a spot either! Panic! 

Of course, upon arrival, I learned lesson number one of the night: Tennis shoes aren’t for yoga. I walked in to a sea of flip flops and slipped off my Asics and socks. It all went pretty smoothly from there. Here are some of the other things I picked up on:

  • Downward dog looks easy. It’s not.
  • When the instructor says, “Gently welcome your heels to touch the floor” she is talking to me. And there is nothing “gentle” about it.
  • “Quietly hop to the front of your mat” isn’t going to be happening for me.
  • “Gently welcome the child’s pose” will become my favorite phrase and I will wait with baited breathe to hear those words.
  • Waiting with baited breathe will summons a reminder to “welcome a deep breathe.”
  • And finally, I will survive, and realize that it wasn’t even all that scary. And maybe, just maybe, everyone didn’t know I was a first timer. (But they probably did.)
Why do we get so intimidated by things? We let so many thoughts of doubt fill our heads. Do what you want to do. Become the person you want to be. Don’t let the fear of who you aren’t right now get in the way of the person you want to become. 

3 thoughts on “Tennis Shoes aren’t for Yoga”

  1. Kendra, it will get easier! I love yoga purely for the stretching. And it helps with my scoliosis. Give it some time and you will appreciate at least trying. If it makes you feel better, Bob had a very hard time with yoga. He is the most non-flexible person alive, swear, but he got to like the class we did together years ago!

  2. Thanks Dawn 🙂 I definitely plan to keep going. I didn't LOVE it, but I didn't hate it either. And I have a comfortable amount of discomfort from it today!

  3. Very cool!! I love yoga and went from just being able to touch past my knees to palming the floor. I remember touching my toes for the first time in 25 years and was so excited. As for yoga in general, I absolutely love it but only in the studios and classes that I've found work for me. Love the heated Vinyassa. Keep it up Kendra…you are an inspiration to most of us who need an occasional push.

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