Always Wear Your Invisible Cape

I have a thing for capes. I like them. They make me feel invincible; like I can do anything I put my mind to.

I own more than one cape. Most of them I have borrowed (stolen?) from my two sons. They don’t seem to mind and they actually think it’s pretty cool when mom wears a cape. But the most important one, the one that started all of this cape business, is my “Super Sisters” cape. My sister, Rondi, and I signed up for the Muddy Buddy race (2010) and we left the costume part of it up to our mom. She did an amazing job at designing the perfect capes.

The morning of the race, Rondi and I (one on a bike, the other running beside) dressed in capes and matching outfits made our way through Stony Creek. As we met runners and bikers out for their Saturday morning workouts, we gave an excited wave and a hello. Odd, questioning looks is what we were greeted with in return. It was hilarious and we had a ball. After the race we both agreed that the most fun part of the day was the run over to the park before the race started.

And that, my friends, is why I have a thing for capes. No matter how crabby, sad, defeated, unmotivated, or just plain tired you are, a cape will make it better. Or at least more fun. And that is the goal, isn’t it? Why would you want to keep doing something that isn’t fun?

I remember talking to someone in my triathlon club about my first Ironman race. I was telling him how much fun it was and how much I loved it. He said, “You mean looking back on it, right? You didn’t actually have fun during the race.”  Ummmm…YES I did! Why else would I sign up for something like that?! I love all of it. And when I’m wearing a cape, I love it even more.

So why then is this blog titled “Always Wear Your INVISIBLE Cape?”  Well…even I’m not crazy enough to wear a cape around every day. However, I do try and wear the confidence that a cape gives me around every day.

Be confident. Be awesome. Be fun.

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